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Besides custody disputes, the division of property between spouses is the most difficult issue to resolve during the termination of a marriage. Contentious debates can quickly arise over how shared property will be divided after the marriage ends and the spouses go their separate ways. Assets acquired before the marriage or inherited or received as gifts are considered separate property and are not allowed to be divided upon divorce.

While property division is an undoubtedly emotional and complicated process, Nunneley | Family Law know how to simplify things and make the process as smooth as possible. I am eager to help you resolve this dispute and move forward with a solution that meets your needs. Call now to set up your free consultation!

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The Property Division Process In Tarrant County

There are two basic systems for distributing property, called community property and separate property. The concept of community property applies to assets acquired during the marriage, which is divided in a just and right manner in a divorce.

The Texas system considers all assets and earnings accumulated during the marriage to be marital property and divides them equitably at divorce. Equitable does not mean equal; instead, the court attempts to reach a fair distribution based on a variety of factors.

When determining equitable distribution, the court will consider:

  • Any fault in the breakup of the marriage
  • Each spouse’s earning power and earning potential
  • Each spouse’s physical and mental health
  • Which spouse has custody of children

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If you are concerned about getting your fair share of the marital property in your divorce, rest assured that we are ready to stand up for you and represent your best interests. Though I strive to resolve these disputes through mediation, negotiation, and other methods outside of court, we are never afraid to fight for you in trial. Once a property division agreement is finalized, it cannot be modified except under very certain circumstances – that is why it is important to get it right the first time. Choose Nunneley | Family Law for the legal counsel you need.

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