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"Children deserve both of you as parents. Even if you are divorcing each other, I won't let you divorce your children."

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Child Custody

If you have children, your primary concern during a divorce should be to protect their well-being. Your spouse shares this goal and ideally you can work together to achieve it. However, determining what is truly in a child’s best interest is a difficult and emotionally charged process.

Whether the process goes smoothly or becomes difficult, it is important to keep your children out of the fray. The changes that divorce brings to their lives are disruptive enough without the trauma of being caught in the middle.

Resolving visitation and child custody disputes requires a rational approach from both parents despite the stress of divorce proceedings. By listening to your wishes and concerns and then explaining the options for your situation, we’re able to help you clearly understand all the issues. Our goal is to create a plan to achieve the best result for you and your children.

"Making this difficult process as smooth and as successful as possible requires planning every detail before, during and after."

Barbara D. Nunneley