Nunneley Family Law
"Nunneley Family Law took great care of my divorce so I was able to focus on the healing process... "

Our Approach

We utilize a proprietary approach to client relationships known as the Whole-Person Approach. Each of our attorneys and staff members consider all aspects of our client’s life and how divorce will affect them before, during and after the process. We understand that divorce is a life-changing event – we’re here to help you achieve fair and equitable closure.

Achieving Your Goals Is Our Mission

We strive to protect your well-being and the best interests of your children. We are legally obligated to represent our clients zealously, but within the bounds of the law. It is an obligation we take seriously. We also feel a personal responsibility toward our clients, you put your trust in us and it is of the utmost importance to us to live up to your expectations.

It order to achieve the best possible results, it is important for you to provide us with all information about anything of importance to your case, not only facts which may be helpful, but also any details which might be harmful to your case.

You and our attorneys and staff are in an attorney-client relationship, which is deemed by law what is known as the attorney-client privilege. This privilege means that any communication between the attorney and the client is strictly confidential and is prohibited from being disclosed.

You will likely witness your attorney dealing with your spouse’s attorney in a cordial manner. This behavior is dictated by professional courtesy and is likely to help your case reach a satisfactory outcome. It is not necessary for attorneys, or spouses for that matter, to become personal enemies to achieve their goals. We are trained to be advocates for our clients and their children in particular without emotional attachment. However, this does not mean that we do not care about our clients. We have devoted ourselves to the practice of family law because we believe that we can truly make a positive difference in the lives of our clients.

"Making this difficult process as smooth and as successful as possible requires planning every detail before, during and after."

Barbara D. Nunneley