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"Nunneley Family Law took great care of my divorce so I was able to focus on the healing process... "

Meet our Team

Nunneley Family Law Attorneys Put Clients First

Divorces are sometimes classified as “simple,” but this is never truly the case. Anyone who has endured the end of a marriage knows that even under the very best of circumstances, this process is traumatic.

If legal questions or concerns arise, it helps to have a reputable place to turn. Having a trusted and skilled attorney in your corner can make the entire process much easier to endure. At Nunneley Family Law, our entire practice is dedicated to helping clients navigate the legal ups and downs that often accompany divorce and other related issues.

To ensure our clients receive the best legal representation possible, each of the attorneys on our team is committed to using a proprietary method for building client relationships called the “Whole-Person Approach.” It is our aim to consider every aspect of a client’s life to gain a clear picture of how divorce will impact them before, during and after the legalities are finalized. Our team is keenly aware that divorce is a life-changing event and it is our goal to resolve the matter as fairly and equitably as possible.

Our firm is led by founder Barbara D. Nunneley. She brings more than 35 years’ experience to the practice and is joined by two other consummate professionals who have dedicated their careers to helping individuals and families in need. Ms. Nunneley is driven by a deep desire to protect clients, their futures and their children’s futures. That passion drives the entire team in its endeavors to take the legal burdens off clients’ shoulders so they are better able to focus on the healing process.

No divorce is truly ever “simple” in regard to the emotional turmoil this process can cause. At Nunneley Family Law, it is our mission to smooth the path as much as possible while ensuring the best possible outcome for our clients and their children. To find out more about divorce or other family law-related issues, contact us today at 817-485-6431 for a consultation on your case.

"Making this difficult process as smooth and as successful as possible requires planning every detail before, during and after."

Barbara D. Nunneley